Another reason AT&T Sucks

They clearly and repeatly prioritize their corporate accounts below retail. We have been waiting for a month for a POS iPhone 6 and are being told we will have to wait until mid November to get one. This in spite of the thousands of dollars we spend monthly with the company. Astonishing.

New bike

This winter I plan on buying a new motorcycle to replace the 17 year old VFR I am currently riding. My initial impulse is to buy a brand new VFR 800 but I am riddled with doubt. The “New” is a slightly reworked version of the 2008 model and every reviewer I have read is lackluster in their praise. The problem is that since 2008 tech on bikes has evolved massively so why settle for old tech when new options exist. I am toying with the idea of a BMW S1000RR or R with a windscreen. Any thoughts?

Anticipated Pearls of Wisdom

Like every other blog on the interwebs, i imagine a vast audience of readers constantly hitting F5 to drink in my pearls of wisdom (not to mention the awkward mixed metaphors). So I suppose I will have to come up with some sparkling verbiage to attract that attention. Maybe tomorrow….

Highway Sights

Saw a dog in an open box on the back of a motorcycle on the west side highway. Dog seemed thrilled to be there. I was certainly thrilled to see it.

Why would someone buy a brown Porsche. An ugly Panamera at that.

The hand labelled caution signs on the Palisades read (Northbound) “Motorcycles stay in lane” while (Southbound) “Motorcycle stay in lane”. Why the singular southbound?

Passed a Brabus Smart car with dual center exhausts. Brabus “B” Gas cap and blacked out front end. Really? Brabus doing Smart? Why?